First and foremost check all your equipment and make sure you know all state laws you will be traveling in regards to horses. Horse trailers that sit around can have problems, even if they are new. Check your tires and the wooden floor of your horse trailer as well. When you are driving you can see curves, starts and stops, but the horse you are traveling with cannot. Keep this in mind and alter your driving to keep your travel a pleasant and safe experience for your horse.


Horses usually stay warm in the trailer, even more so when there is more than one horse, and using a blanket on your horse may cause overheating. Horses also need enough lead when tied so that the horse can lower its head. Horses use their head for balance.


Reducing the amount of grain fed to your horse before traveling is also a good idea. Some horse owners also suggest using a digestive tract conditioner before you travel with your horse. Using hay during your trip will also keep your horses calm by occupying their time. Make sure you tie the hay nets high enough in the horse trailer to prevent the horses’ legs getting caught.


Traveling for a horse is very tiring, so plan to stop every two or three hours during your trip. This will give the horse a chance to relax and rest his legs. You don’t need to take the horse out of the horse trailer, as this can cause undue stress. Just check on the horse. Make sure the horse trailer is well ventilated and offer the horse a drink of water.


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