Clovis Livestock Terms and Conditions

Thank you for attending the Clovis Livestock Horse Sale! With your help, we continue to strive to improve the horse marketing industry. ANNOUNCEMENT: To avoid making costly errors, PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE FROM THE AUCTION STAND, espe-cially concerning horses on which you intend to bid. • PHONE BIDS: Absolutely no phone bids without prior authorization from management at which time a credit card guarantee will be enforced • We request that all prospective buyers report to our office and make known their intention to bid and furnish bank references, if payment is to be made by check. Horses will not be delivered to buyer until proper settlement has been made • All livestock in this sale are sold with all faults. Clovis Livestock, Inc., acts as selling agency only. It makes no representation or warranties whatsoever as to the livestock being sold • Absolutely NO alley trad-ing on horses in this Catalog • THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF ANY HORSE SOLD IN THIS SALE EXCEPT WHEN THE OWNER MAKES A SPECIFIC GUARANTEE. IN SUCH CASE, RIGHT OF RECOURSE MUST BE DIRECTED TO THE SELLER. IT IS THE BUYER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK REGISTRATION PAPERS BEFORE REMOVING HORSES FROM PREMISES. CLOVIS LIVESTOCK, INC. WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS RESPONSIBILITY. BUYERS WILL BE GIVEN REASONABLE TIME TO CHECK REGISTRATION PAPERS AND SETTLEMENT WILL NOT BE MADE TO SELLER UNTIL MONDAY AFTER THE SALE. HORSES WILL BE CARED FOR TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY, HOWEVER, WE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR SICKNESS OR ACCIDENT.“ALL HORSES SELLING ON REGISTRATION APPLICATIONS OR MARES WITHOUT BREEDERS CERTIFICATES, SELL WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE ON PAPERS—THEY SELL “AS IS”